GOOD NEWS. If you’ve recently become a member of Quarmby Spiritualist Church we can now offer you the opportunity to take part in the ‘Introduction to Spiritualism’ course online. Alan Rawnsley will be doing the training and it will take place on Saturday 30th May starting at 10am.
The training is free, all you need to do is purchase, read and have to hand, the booklet ‘Introduction to Spiritualism’ available to purchase for £5 by following this link There are only 8 places available, so please let us know if you’re interested as soon as possible.
Keep well, keep safe and just remember . . . things will get better. xXx

Tuesday, 11th May 2020
Hopefully it won’t be long now until the restrictions of lockdown are eased. It will probably be sometime before churches and other meeting places are able to reopen, but here at Quarmby we are still working hard.
Our Healers are sending out healing daily, and the committee are addressing everything possible to make Quarmby Spiritualist Church as safe as possible, with regards to infection prevention and control. This is so that when our lovely church reopens you will feel it is a safe and friendly haven to step back into. Hopefully that won’t be long now.
However, in the meantime all services & events at our lovely Quarmby Spiritualist Church are still sadly cancelled until further notice.